Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skin Care Products | Good Service from Clarins

Good Skin Care Products with Good Service.

Finally, i have time to write this entry, the need to rave on the wonderful service i've received from Clarins is almost bursting out of me! Though i've already relate this story to many gal friends, but still, is not enough! ;p
I've purchase skincare products from many different cosmetic brands over the years. I can say, their service is only so-so to lousy.. It might be that they only see us as One Time customer, maybe they forgot that Singapore is a small country, how many one time business can you get right?!?
As i, myself used to be in the service line, i've got my own standard of what is "good customer service"..

As you know, i'm still under the recovery stage of "Eczema", have to be very careful with products that i'm using or consuming. Previously, i bought one of Clarins latest product, "Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase".
Sadly, i had Eczema just before i had a chance to try this new product! Recently, i've been trying to start my usual skincare product one at a time, so i thought, hmmm.. is time to try the serum, as my usual mositurezer is not hydrating enough.
To play safe, i went through the ingredient contents again, and just my luck, they have this ingredient "Inca peanut oil", which i'm not sure if i can use.. Because the specialist at NSC told me not to touch peanut at all..
I was so dissappointed, at the finding but not wanting to accept my "fate", i went to one of Clarins Counter on a Saturday, and told the beautician consultant about my problem. She say she will help me check with her head office whether will "Inca peanut oil" aggravates my Eczema and let me know on Monday. It so happens that Monday was a public holiday, so the nice lady called me on Sunday just to let me know that she will let me know on Tuesday as Monday was public holiday.
No. 1, how many sales assistant will bother to call and inform about the reschedule?

On Tuesday, the same beautician consultant from Clarins called me, and told me that "Inca Peanut Oil" is derived from the Peanut Plant, but they can't be sure if it will cause any allergy to me. So they told me to make a trip to their counter and they will give me a sample to try. If i'm allergy to it, they are willing to exchange my unopen "HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase" for another product of my choice.
No. 2, how many cosmetic counter are willing for an exchange of product especially when the exchange is not due to products defect? Sometimes even when it is dued to products defects, consumers might have a hard time negotiating as well.

On Friday, i made a trip to the Clarins Counter to meet up with the same Beautician Consultant,
she gave me a bottle of the sample and told me to apply on my underarm to test for allergy.
With a friendly smile, she told me that if i have any problem, i can feel free to look for her.
She even gave me her mobile no. so i can text message or call her to make sure she is working on that day before making a trip down.
When i told her, her service is good, she reply with a smile says, it is their job to put their customer's needs in the first place.
No. 3, how many beautician consultants offer such personal service?

I have not done my allergy test yet, as i think i ate something yesterday that cause my Eczema to trigger again.. = ( So till then~~
By the way, did i mention that some of Clarins products are Fragrance Free and almost all are Allergy Tested and Non-comedogenic..
Now, i feel even happier when buying their products, as i'm not only paying for their good products, i'm also enjoying their wonderful friendly customer service! = )

Skin Care Products: Good Service from Clarins

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